Cycle Route Gradings

The table below contains descriptions of our gradings as applied to our cycle routes. Please read the descriptions before selecting a tour.

A tour may be given a grading of easy but can still have some more challenging sections that taken in isolation may command a grading of moderate. The grading is given based on the average so overall the route may achieve a grading of easy.

In our information packs we provide colour coded maps that help you determine how challenging a route section is. Green trails are flat. Blue trails involve some minor hills. Red trails usually mean steeper climbs and black trails will be steeper still. All of our routes are cycleable while sitting in the saddle regardless of colour grade.


Trail Cycling

Mounain Biking

Road Cycling

Very Easy

Firm surface, possibly tarmac or ash. Mostly flat or downhill.

Good riding surface but more challenging than easy trail riding.

Mostly flat or downhill.


Relatively even surface, often flat with mostly gentle climbs.

Good surface but hills more frequent. Potential for some relatively small obstacles.

Mostly flat with occasional short climbs.


More frequent uphill sections and often a bumpy track.

Frequently rough track and more challenging climbs. Greater handling skills may be required on certain sections.

Longer routes usually with more hills.


Frequently rough riding surface. Longer more challenging routes

Potential for technical singletrack and longer distances with steeper hills.

For the more frequent cyclist who likes to put in some miles and relishes the odd climb.


Mostly rough trails. Long days in the saddle

A high level of riding skill and fitness will be required.

Long days in the saddle. For the fitter rider.


Rough riding for up to 6 hours.

Only for the fittest and most adept of riders. Experienced mountain bikers only.

A comfortable pair of bib shorts required. Up to 8 hours riding per day.